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The Vision Wall Project

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Vision without action is
merely a dream.

Action without vision
just passes the time.

Vision with Action can
change the world.

- Joel A. Barker

What is the Vision Wall Project?

The Vision Wall Project is a crowdsourcing tool dedicated to connecting people with visions to those who have the resources to help their visions. To do that, we take a 10’x8’ portable Vision Wall to events for attendees to use. Attendees write their visions on a Vision Card and attach it to the Vision Wall. Others at the event read the visions and if they’re able to help, they put their contact information on the card. At the end of the event (or during) the person who posted the vision retrieves the information and connects with those who said they can help. It is our hope that this will enable people to activate their visions and turn them into reality!


This is so inspiring
What a great idea!
Simple, and it works!

Valerian Bennett
Founder of PopChest

Valerian: My vision is to help content creators get paid for every view. I tried to reflect that on my vision card and I got a great response from it. (points to the three responses on his vision card)

VWP: Have you tried connecting with any of the people that left a note on your card?

Valerian: I did. I sent one guy a linkedin message because that’s what he left on the card and I actually got in touch with Monica from while she was here. We had a nice conversation on the side and it looks like it’s going to lead to a collaboration.

VWP: That’s great!


Nimer Haider
Founder of Totes Mobile

Nimer: I posted my vision card on the wall on the first day and when I came in the next day I had a couple of sticky notes on it with contact information. I ran into one of the guys that left his contact information, we talked and we were able to start a semi-partnership.

VWP: This happened all within the first 24 hours?

Nimer: Yes, absolutely. I think The Vision Wall is a great tool. It lets people post what you want and it allows others to not feel like they’re under pressure to give their contact information. They can do it voluntarily. I think the Vision Wall is a great idea.

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